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Based in the beautiful Welsh countryside, we love all things that are Welsh!

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I'm Delwyn the Dragon

Wales's very own plush dragon is finally here, he has a super cute face and a huge impressive tail...we think he's just absolutely lush!

He a wonderful, 7 Inch' Limited Edition', perfectly formed 'Delwyn the Dragon' Plush toy :) There are only a limited number of these available and you won't get them anywhere else...

Suitable for any age, he even comes with his adoption certificate. Do you think will you be able to give our Delwyn a loving home?

He is fully safety checked, made with lots and lots of love, 100% Polyester.

His Adoption certificate is postcard size printed on a luxury pearlised board.

He's a great anytime gift send or a collective for yourself. If you are like me & you love Wales, grab yourself a cute dragon :)

Delwyn the Dragon Plush Toy

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